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Team1Service - Logo+Motto+PhoneTeam 1 Service Cleaning welcomes you to our online home! Here, you will find a constant source of information about the services and products which make our company great! Learn about our various cleaning options, become familiar with our techniques and team and find a service just right for your home or business.

Team 1 Service is more than a cleaning company. We are a group of professionals who care about our community and our youth. Find out about programs we support, organizations we are affiliated with and ways you can help Team 1 make a difference.

Team1Service is a full service residential and commercial cleaning company which services the North Florida and South Georgia area.

Team1Service provides a comprehensive suite of cleaning services for homes, apartments, small businesses, corporations, educational institutions, churches, and non-profit or government agencies.


Whether this is your first time with Team1Service or if you are one of our valued clients from the past 12 years we are thankful to have your patronage. Team1Service continues to redefine the providing of high quality, customized residential and commercial cleaning for businesses in North Florida. Our passion for excellence and our attention to your needs makes our mission and motto the same as when we started in 2001. “Detailed, Quality and Professional Janitorial and Hospitality Services, Guaranteed!!”.

We are Committed

Our organization is committed to servicing our customers through strong and loyal customer satisfaction and customer feedback, which keeps us successful in meeting the need of each customer’s specific needs and not our own agenda. Our “Team” does not take for granted the trust that each of our customers has given us in creating and maintaining a clean, refreshed, and energized environment for them, their family and/ or their staff.


Two (2) years ago, due high demand for this type of service and customer referral of our quality and efficient service, the Hospitality Concierge Services division of Team1Service was born. Within this division, our organization provides Support Staff Services for any event or daily living that is inclusive of, but not limited to: Uniformed Wait Staff, Professional Greeters, Organizational Services, Travel Planning, Appointment Setting, Service Vendor Liason Services, etc….


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